Fluffy/wispy, full size strip lashes on a black cotton band

Reusable upto 15-20 times, if cared for properly

The Neon Blue Ones (TNBO)

    1. ALWAYS measure your lashes to see the fit (most of the time they will need a little trim to fit your eye shape PERFECTLY)
    2. ALWAYS cut from the outer edge
    3. Apply lash glue to the cotton band and allow glue to dry for at least 1 minute (the glue should be tacky and will prevent the lash sliding around)
    4. Apply mascara before you put on your lashes
    5. Apply the lash starting on the inner part of your eye and follow your lash line round to the outer corner of your eye
    6. As the glue is drying pull the lash down towards your lash line to close the gap between the lashes and your natural lashes
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