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Let's Talk Foundation!

What's your favourite?


So this blog is going to be about.... you guessed it FOUNDATIONS!

I've been through a fair few foundations throughout my makeup journey, so I'm going to talk about a few that I've tried. Leave a comment below on which foundation you think I should try or review.

So I'll start with the Bajan queen herself Rhianna's Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation. Let's put it this way, it's not my favourite lol, I take my hat of to RiRi for making such a diverse range of foundation shades, with 40 shades you'll defiantly be able to find your shade and for £26 you can't complain. However I'm all about coverage and I would say this foundation is more of a medium coverage, which is great for every day usage, but I only really wear foundation when I'm freelancing or on a night out and I want flawless full coverage. So Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r foundation gets a 5/10 for me

Next is MAC Cosmetics Studio fix fluid foundation, this foundation is MAC's holy grail, without studio fix fluid I don't think MAC would exist, with 64 shades there's almost too many shades to choose from. I do understand the hype behind studio fix fluid it has great coverage, it's £26, considered oil free and has a low SPF built into it. However the reason why I would give this foundation a 7/10 is because, I find this foundation oxidizes A LOT. This means that with time studio fix gets darker with oxygen, so if you've ever been match to the perfect shade and by the time you got home you looked like you had been sun bathing on the sun .... that's why, not because you were matched incorrectly. (btw #1 pet hate foundations that oxidise). Another feature I'm not keen on is, the built in SPF, on deeper tones it doesn't matter that much but for my brides that have a fairer skin tone, you will most defiantly have flash back in photo's etc, which no one wants. So you'll have to finish it off with a powder or bronzer to prevent this from happening, but then with the foundation oxidising you don't want to warm it up too much......... you can see how it can all go very wrong. One last thing I personally hate (yes I said HATE) about studio fix fluid is the transfer! OMG as a black woman hugging someone, wearing white or even touching plain paper is something I dread when wearing studio fix. Whenever I hug someone lighter than me they will instantly have a bronzed contour mark on their cheek, which I either have to awkwardly wipe off or say nothing and just hope and pray they don't notice lol it literally comes off on EVERYTHING which for me is not #goals

OK so the foundation which has stolen my heart, the crème de la crème, is Huda Beauty's #FauxFilter Foundation! I love everything about it the packaging, the coverage, the diverse colour range and don't get me started on the smell! 😍 This foundation has everything I look for in a foundation the coverage is INSANE and it glides on like silk, I use it for all of my brides as the coverage is soooooo good with no SPF and minimal transfer. I highly recommend this foundation as it covers every blemish, it could almost double up as a concealer. The colour range is so diverse I have 9 out of the 30 shades in my kit, I'm slowly adding more shades but at £32 a bottle, it can very quickly break the bank, but it is worth EVERY single penny!

Here's the link to purchase https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/huda-beauty-fauxfilter-foundation.html

My last foundation review I haven't 100% made my mind up on yet is, Kat Von D's 'Lock-it' Liquid Foundation. The reason why I haven't made my mind up yet is because the shade I purchased was too warm for me, the coverage and texture seems very much like Huda Beauty however there seemed to be no transfer!! My prayers may have been answered! 🙌

As I was writing this post I have literally just purchased the right shade and concealer to match so I will write a review once I've tried it (Debenhams have 15% off atm https://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_123016007799_-1)


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