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So I thought I would try out a new makeup brand called Il Makiage, I saw this brand on Instagram a few times and was intrigued by their foundation colour range, so I thought why not I'll give it a go,

First of all the packaging is INSANE I love frosted glass products, It feels so nice and looks sleek and professional, I would say the only downside with frosted glass is that the products are extremely heavy, but I guess you can't have it all lol

We'll start with the foundation, I was impressed with how yellow the undertone of the foundation was, a lot of foundations for darker skin tones are usually always considered to be 'WARM' (orangey, reddy undertones), so I'm happy that they've got a variety of undertones within their foundations range. The coverage of this foundation is between light to medium, which isn't my usual go to coverage, but I'm not mad at it, it's light but MATTE theres no shine at all. I would consider putting this foundation in my kit, for bridal makeup if the bottle wasn't so heavy and if it wasn't US only based company (atm). I would give this foundation minus the packaging a 3/5

The liquid lipsticks are beautiful, cute to have in your bag, but again extremely heavy (could potentially be used as a weapon in self defence lol). The first application of the liquid lipstick is like WOW! But then give it a rub and the vibrancy kind of disappears, so a second application usually does the trick. Another thing I do like about this lipstick is that it doesn't make your lips feel dry and it doesn't crack even when you add a second or third coat. another 3/5 for this product

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