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Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Here goes nothing. Ok so I'm going to start by telling you all a little bit more about myself, so first of all my name isn't Feebeea my real name is actually Melissa. Soooo the story behind the name Feebeea is, at secondary school I believe on my first day, we were all tasked to create a song from our names, obviously there are no M,L,I or S's in music so our teacher showed us how to work out what an M etc would translate into as a musical note (let me know If you would like me to show to work your name). I was fortunate enough that my name translated into a 'word' that actually made sense.... Feebeea. Since that day, Feebeea /Feebz has been my nickname, not many people call me Melissa (apart from my BF who told me I had to mention him), but take your pick as to what you want to call me I'll answer to either :-).

My makeup career started in 2009, when I was accepted into Southampton Solent University, I studied Hair and Makeup Design for Photography, Film and Music, so I touched on a bit of everything from special effects makeup to wig making. I loved every second.

Straight after Uni in 2012 I was employed at MAC Cosmetics as a full time makeup artist in Reading, Berkshire. During my time at MAC I became Supervisor, then Assistant Manager of MAC Covent Garden Pro store and then progressed to Retail Manager of MAC Reading.

I decided to leave MAC in Aug last year due to the fact that I felt I was losing sight of my dream. I was managing and not being creative, I was doing admin almost everyday and very minimal makeup & socialising and spending time with friends and family was non-exsitant.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to not pursue the career or goals you want to, and time with loved ones is priceless.

So I left to create my own business and focus all my energy on making my dream become my reality.

I hope I haven't bored you lol but I'll talk about make-up in all my other blogs.

Below is a recent pic of me just incase you want to put a face to the name

Taken less than 48 hours ago

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Professional Freelance Makeup Artist