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Meet The Owner

Melissa Clovey aka Feebeea


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Captivated by the endless possibilities of creativity from a young age, Feebeea was always drawn to the world of makeup.  When she enrolled on a HND in fine art at Reading college of art and design her interest in makeup grew even further as she was required to carry out makeovers on fellow students, from this Feebeea found a passion like no other.

From these humble beginnings, when at not at college Feebeea started makeover sessions on friends and family and noticed how her art was transforming them into more beautiful and confident versions of themselves.


Feebeea went on to study a degree in Hair and Make-up Design for Film, Photography and Music which only fuelled her desire as she was surrounded by many talented artists that shared the same passion as she did and exposed her to many more make up techniques.


Once she had completed her studies at university, Feebeea began the start of her make-up career as a Retail Artist at MAC Cosmetics and through this her artistry continued to develop over the years whilst passing various makeup certifications. Because of her determination and artistry Feebeea quickly rose through the ranks to eventually become Retail manager. During this time, she was successfully accepted on to the M.A.C bodypainting team where she helped in various prestigious events across the UK. During her time with M.A.C her artistry skill and product knowledge grew immensely due to being surrounded by a diverse range of customers with many different skin tones and facial structures allowing Feebeea to be an expert in her craftsmanship.


Feebeea is now exploring the world of running her own business, Feebeea Makeup 

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